The World Medical Community Embraces
the Positive Effects of Maintaining High Levels
of Human Growth Hormone As We Age.

As noted by eminent Physician and researcher
Dr. Daniel Rudman, MD and published in the New England Journal of Medicine (1), an adult with higher levels of circulating human growth hormone (HGH) maintains a better state of physical and mental health, then a person with low or no circulating HGH as they age. The positive effects of keeping HGH levels at a youthful level as we age, both maintains youthful physical function as well as...HGH Supplement Benefits

Dr. Johnson on the
Science Behind HGH Releasers

The original GHR 15® and family of health supplements were developed by Dr. Don Johnson, a leader in the anti-aging revolution.

Based on 35 years practicing orthomolecular medicine, Dr. Johnson developed the original anti-aging formula for GHR 15. Orthomolecular medicine, a term first used by Linus Pauling, treats various conditions resulting...HGH Releaser Info

GHR 15 the Right Choice

With Over 3 million bottles sold, GHR 15 is America’s #1 anti-aging dietary supplement. A safe and cost effective alternative to HGH injections, GHR 15 is a unique blend of over 30 ingredients working together to stimulate the anterior pituitary gland to release your own growth hormones.

With continued use, GHR 15 will slow the aging process, promote health , vitality, longevity and improve the quality of life.

"GHR 15 contains anterior pituitary from cows, hypothalamus, ginseng, and a group of plant sterols and extracts used in natural healing and health. Some of these ingredients are thought to stimulate HGH release while the rest have other proposed health benefits." R. Drysdale....GHR Anti-Aging Benefits

American Anti-Aging
Society, Inc. announces...

GHR 15® is a revolutionary formula to naturally slow the aging process. GHR 15 is an all natural growth hormone releaser. The unique combination of ingredients stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to release your growth hormones to reverse the aging process of your body. GHR 15 is a non-chemical alternative to HGH injections.

Now, with the help of GHR 15 you can look and feel younger than ever before without the cost or
risk of HGH.

GHR 15®


GHR 15 capsules and powder are all-natural hormone releasers that build on the historic HGH anti-aging breakthroughs aiding in reversing the process.
GHR 15 Info

GHR Gold®


With all the benefits of GHR 15, GHR Gold contains essential B vitamins important for main-taining healthy cardiovascular and nervous systems, metabo-lism and the protection against free radical damage.
GHR Gold Info


GHR Renew-U®

GHR Renew-U is used to stimulate the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland and contains a new homeo-pathic HGH powder formula, which puts an extra dose of HGH instantly into the blood stream.
GHR Renew-U Info

Re-Start 21®


Re-Start 21, a natural
nutritional formula, has proven helpful in restoring testosterone levels affected by stress and adrenal fatigue; suggested use with GHR 15.
GHR Re-Start 21 Info

100% Natural
Over 3 Million
GHR 15
Enhances the Quality of Life
Increases Muscle Mass
Improves Memory
Bottles Sold
Reduces Body Fat
Increases Energy
The Original Anti-Aging Formula
Produces Smoother Skin
Improves Vision

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